19-21 March 2015, Bilateral workshop (Aix-en-Provence, France)

In compliance with the reseach project plan of activities, the French and Romanian team met in Aix-en-Provence, France, for a bilateral workshop. At this occasion, some decisions were taken concerning the organization and the management of the upcoming activities.

An information point was made to provide details on the ongoing publishing activities :
- Presentations given at the occation of the workshop chaired by Simina Tanasescu, Michel Rosenfeld and Chery Saunders entitled « Constitution and Financial crisis » that took place within the 2014 Congress of The International Association of Constitutional Law hold in Oslo (Norway) are now published in the 2014 special issue of the Romanian Journal of Comparative Law ;
- Presentations given for the workshop co-chaired by Fred Morrison and Milklos Kiraly entitled « Limits of debt and public deficit » within the International Association of Comparative Law Congress that took place in Vienna (Austria) in July 2014 are being published in a collective book to be released in 2015 by the Springer Edition ;
- Presentations given at the occasion of the international conference « Shaping constitutional rules for a balanced budget » that took place in Bucharest in November 2014 are being published in a collective book to be released in 2015 ;
- The biligual book gathering the presentation given at the occasion the the bilateral seminar to be organised in June 2015 in Aix-en-Provence (France) with the theme of « Fundamental rights, balanced budget and juridicial protection », mainly for political actors and institutions involved in the implementation of the balanced budget rule will be released in 2015 ;
- The French team presented a project consisting in a book of comparative studies on the transposition of the golden rule inside of the 28 Member states of the European Union.

Discussions went on about the organization of two upcoming scientific events (part of the research project) :
- A French Romanian roundtable to be hold in Aix-en-Provence in June 2015. The theme of the roundtable will be « Fundamental rights, balanced budget and judicial protection ». Panel distribution, precised themes and the overal agenda were discussed and agreed upon during the meeting.
- A final project conference for wich some details were discussed. This event would take place in France in the first trimester of the year 2016 but only in an extent of the project is being accepted. It was agreed that a book following the conference would be published.


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